Friday, July 25, 2008

Old dogs can be taught new tricks...

Boy this blog thing can be frustrating. My daughter set me up and I couldn't remember my sign on or any thing. But she talked me through AGAIN . I wrote down how to do it so I could remember.

Now I know that MS effects your memory and other stuff but we won't go into that now.

To continue my story or should I say my adventures.

I look at MS, not as a disese, but as a challenge. I don't dwell on the things that I used to do ,but on the things I CAN do.

I try and keep our place clean by doing the little things like dishes.

When I do fall, I don't call it falling I call it getting up close and personal. Then I just think this is an angle of the apartment I haven't seen before. I broke my right leg getting out of the tub, which is another story. More to follow

Saturday, July 19, 2008

More about Msmom21

I didn't tell about how i'm dealing with my MS now. When I was diagnosed I was more excited about having the Handicap sticker hanging from our rearview mirrior than anything else. I went from walking without any "helper's" to using a walker. To make it easier I gave my frist walker the name of TONTO, MY FAITHFUL ALUMINUM COMPANION. I started using my children as helpers until they got bigger than me. Then I relied on Tonto more. Then I got worse and had to go to a Wheelchair which I named THE MS ENTERPRISE, I DON'T HAVE A SEATBELT EITHER.
My wheelchair is now the offical computer chair. I still use it when we go to church and to do the dishes. I have another walker with wheels on it. I use that one around the house. It's name is EEK, SHE HAS WHEELS GET OUT OF HER WAY.

I used to be a city bus driver in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since I lost my driving abilities, the roads thank me daily for not being out there. I keep offering but no one takes me up on it. Go figure.

Dianosed April 1986

I got married on December 6, 1982. My husband and I decided to move our little family to Butte Montana. Where my husband was from. We have 4 children, 3 hits and a Miss. They were born in Salt Lake City but raised them in Montana, where the air is clean.
My sweetheart wanted to go and "jam" with a band so I told him to go ahead and go. I stayed at home with the children. To make a long story even longer, when he returned home I was on the couch and couldn't move. It was then that we went to the hospital. I was having spasms so bad that I was clinching my fists and my fingernails were digging into to palms of my hand. It took both the doctor and my husband to unclinch my fists. Then came the round of tests. I had an MRI, and a spinal tap.
The doctor came into the emergency room and told me that I had Mulpule Sclorosis. I cried for about 10 minutes. Maybe longer give or take a minute. When I heard a voice saying that if I didn't change my attitude I would end up in a hospital. Right then and there I changed my attitude. So I had MS, big deal. I missed being one of "Jerry's kids" by this much - instead of having MD I had MS. I started looking for the humor in things. And having PMA. which stands for positive mental attitude. Intead of thinking about what I used to do, I focus on what I can do.
Like my chores around the house. I can wash the dishes. (no one else wants to).
More of my story to follow.