Monday, September 29, 2008

Sorry, It's been awhile

Hey gang I'm back!!! I almost forgot how to do this but I got it now.
My sweetheart and I went to Idaho Falls to visit our grandchildren and our son too. We took them to the zoo there in Idaho Falls where we got rained on and hailed on. All in all it was fun. My sweety bought our grandchildren some new clothes and our son a new hoody with a skeleton on it when you zip up the hood. At the zoo we were standing outside the lions cage, my son zipped up his hoody and the lion started to charge the fence , then he turned and went on top of the rocks and just stared at us. We thought we were going to be dinner. (ha ha)
The weather here has started to turn cold. Which is something I couldn't wait for. So now I'm a happy camper now.
My sweety has to take my wheelchair in to be fixed. So I have to walk more instead of "riding" It's okay I need the exercise. So to speak.
As soon as I figure out how to put pictures on this web page I will put my grandchildren in my blog.
No new "dumb" things lately.
until next time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

new adventures i've had

Two weeks ago my husband forgot to put my booster seat on the toilet, when I went into the bathroom to do my business, I stumbled and fell onto the toilet. I was there for five long hours and couldn't get off the pot so to speak. While I was there I was counting the ceiling tiles and then the floor tiles until my sweetheart came home and helped me off. Needless to say we had the cleanest toilet in town. If I needed to use the bathroom, I was already there. (daughter's note: What she neglegts to tell you is that she normally keeps a phone in her apron that she wears all day long, just for this same situation... When this happened, she had taken her apron off prior to going into the bathroom, leaving the phone where it was... But, I guess that gives her something to talk about on her blog, and gives us a new christmas gift idea...)

Needless to say we never lack for entertainment at my place with me in the house.

My other adventure happened two days ago. I thought I was doing well and was putting the washed clothes away, and as I was leaving my bedroom, I missed my wheel chair and fell again. I called my son who I thought was at work only he was in his room sleeping. He answered and I asked him if he could help me. He started to drag me into his room. While he was doing that he kept saying "right cheek, left cheek" strying to make me "walk with my butt". We were laughing so much at the time trying to get me onto his bed that while doing so I fell on him hurting not only his back but mine also To make a long story even longer he called one of his friends to come over and help me get verticle again and in my wheel chair. When I was in my wheel chair he told me to STAY AND NOT GO ANY WHERE. Which I did.